A note to Jerkbeast fans:

One of the core reasons we have started enforcing our legal right to keep Jerkbeast material off the internet is because many fans fundamentally misunderstand the core ethos of what Jerkbeast was. If we made a Venn diagram of currently vocal fans and people who espouse repugnant and hateful rhetoric online there would be a disturbing overlap. Whether or not these people “mean it” or are just being edgelords makes no difference. The words are being written and said.

Jerkbeast was never about bigotry, racism, misogyny or homophobia. While yes, the young adults who wrote, produced and performed the material uttered some things in the show or movie that could be seen as evidence of the aforementioned ideologies, we can assure you that not only did we not have hate in our hearts but more importantly we have grown up and no longer endorse that kind of comedy. We were young, dumb and full of ignorance and make no excuses for the crappy jokes mixed in with the irreverent absurdism and swearing. But we’re past that now and it’s sad to see that the younger fans coming to the material have not only latched on to the parts of Jerkbeast that were wrong, but they are taking it to a whole new level and we don’t feel good contributing to that.

If you’re a fan of the show or movie and act cool about it, that’s fine and we embrace you.

If you’re using our material to bolster a need to spout racism, homophobia and misogyny then that’s not fine. If you’re wanting to distribute our copyrighted work, please don’t upload Jerkbeast content to Youtube, Vimeo, file sharing or other streaming/broadcast platforms.

Hopefully someday you’ll grow out of the kind of humor we left behind many years ago. You can be rip-roaringly funny in a loud, profanity-laced way WITHOUT resorting to rhetoric that further dehumanizes groups that already have a hard time. I promise it’s possible and I promise you’ll get so much more respect that way. Trying to win the offensiveness olympics is a waste of time and only makes you look like a hateful jackoff to everybody else you know. Please cut it out. The world will be better for it.